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The Chameleon of chairs!

That’s right the Parsons chair (the chameleon of chairs). The Parsons chair was named for its origin – a designer at the famous Parsons School of Design created it in Paris in the 1930s.

When this clever little chair was designed by the Parsons School designers, they didn’t radically reinvent the idea of the chair; instead, the designers’ streamlined historical influences, kept what worked, threw away what didn’t, and created an enduring modern classic.

I like to call it the chameleon of chairs because you can drop this guy in almost any application may it be traditional decor (with a slip cover) modern, or your classic transitional room and make it blend right in. Many use these decorative chairs at the dining table, as part of a conversation nook in the living room or at a writing desk in an office.

Due to its simplicity, many manufactures today have paired its clean lines with bold fabrics to really make it ‘pop’ in a space. I mean you can find this jewel of a chair covered in just about any fabric from zebra print, floral, paisley, leather of all colors, and the list goes on. Can I also say this cuttie is comfortable that’s why I think the parsons chair remains enduringly popular. In fact, you might already own and enjoy one without realizing what it is or that is has a companion, the parsons table. (who new, see pic)

Check out the photos of some great Parsons chairs you can find at Kirkland’s, www.kirklands.com or just about anywhere.

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In September of 2009 Los Angeles home staging and interior design company, Shaping Spaces Group teamed up with Habitat for Humanity and two other designers from Southern California to design and furnish a home in San Juan Capistrano.

We had the pleasure of working with Furnishing Hope from Orange County to help supply the furniture for the Mendez family, as well as other great volunteers to make it happen for this single mother with three beautiful daughters. Speaking with Ms. Mendez she said  the process and qualifying took four years and she was so excited and grateful.

It was such an emotional and gratifying experience to be a part of the process from beginning to end. Seeing the home constructed from the ground up, selecting the paint, flooring, lighting, furniture and accessories. The project took about 4 months to complete before finally meeting our family and presenting them their new home. We all had tears of joy as we showed Ms. Mendez and her children around the home. Each of the girls room where designed especially for them with their request of color and interest.

It was a wonderful experience that we would do again in a heart beat and we just might, there are 18 more homes scheduled in that community.

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