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 Saturday, September 10th for the Superheroes! Free Arts Day at W.O.R.K.S. generously sponsored by: Warfield Evans #in
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Saturday, September 10th for the Superheroes!
Free Arts Day at W.O.R.K.S. generously sponsored by:
Cristina Warfield & Ron Evans
Warfield Evans
Keller Williams Realty
When: Saturday, September 10th
Where: W.O.R.K.S.
Temple Villas Community Center
Theme: Superheroes!
About W.O.R.K.S.
Women Organizing Resources Knowledge and Services (W.O.R.K.S.) was formed in April 1998 by women with extensive experience working in low-income communities of Los Angeles in the field of affordable housing and community building.
Committed to strong, sustainable communities, they combined years of experience in pioneering pragmatic and innovative models for affordable housing and enriched social service programs to advance family and individual viability.
W.O.R.K.S. passionately delivers quality affordable housing and innovative enriched services. Through their support and stewardship, they build equitable, heart-based sustainable communities and encourage resident self-determination. They envision community in a way that honors our collective cultures.
To learn more please visit www.worksusa.orgFree Arts for Abused Children
12095 W. Washington Blvd., Suite 104 Los Angeles CA 90066




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      It’s back to school time again!  Children all over the nation are ending summer and starting a new school year.  Many, of which, will be starting college.  Entering into college is an exciting and scary time for teenagers especially if they are going to move out and live on campus.  The dorms there are usually very small and boxy and it might be hard not to be homesick in such a sterile place lacking of any style and COLOR.  Luckily, there are many tips and tricks you can do to make your small space a great living area, even if it isn’t a dorm!

                There is very little storage in dorm rooms so it is best not to bring everything you have ever loved.  Remember to go through your things before packing them and to only bring what is really important.  The favorite things you do decide to bring should comfort you, just in case you find yourself longing for home.  These can be pictures of places you have traveled to with your family, a quilt that your grandmother made you, or just some object that reminds you of your home or hometown.  If you need more storage, and have room for it, get smaller items that can be used at least 2 ways.  It could be an ottoman with removable lid and storage inside it or a mini fridge used as an end table or TV/game stand.  Make sure these pieces that you bring in are not too large because that will make the room feel overwhelming.  Another way to increase storage is to put bed risers under the posts of your bed.  This will let you have tons more storage than you would have previously.

                Dorm rooms usually come with furniture that is the same throughout every single room.  So to make the clone furniture more your own, you need to use duvets, sheets, and pillows that you like and that represent you.  The fabrics should be your best friend here because they can be the difference of it being a room or your room.  It also will make it a cozy space for you to enjoy and, of course, do homework.  Decorating the walls with nonpermanent items can really transform the room into your personal space.  It could be maps of where you want to travel to, a cork board for important papers and pictures, or even a large mirror or a few smaller mirrors that will make the space feel bigger.

                The lighting is typically fluorescent in dorms, which is anything but flattering.  To bring in some more warm toned lights, have a few table or floor lamps around the room that you can turn on easily.  For extra space saving, you can hang lights on the wall or ceiling in areas that will be benefitted by the extra light.  This will really warm it up and make it feel like a place you can see yourself living in for four years.  Another way to liven up your room is to actually have living plants in there.  They will soften up the corners of the room and make it very inviting to come into.  If you feel like plants are too much responsibility then faux ones will do just as well.

                To make the space feel bigger you can add drapes that go from the floor to ceiling.  This will help elongate the wall and make the ceiling feel higher than it really is.  This may not work as well if you are going to have furniture underneath the window, but it is still nice to have some kind of window treatment on the windows for privacy and light control.  Furniture arrangement will also help to make your room feel larger.  Try to create different areas for different activities like a studying area near the window or area with a lot of light, a sleeping area where it’s the darkest and least noisy, and, if you have the space, a lounging area to hang out with friends and have fun is always a good idea.  Have some rugs to separate the areas into their own spaces and you will have the most stylish room in town!

Shaping Spaces Group – Interior Design & Home Staging can help design your childs dorm room too.

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