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Do you love the new color trend direction????

I just have to ask if you have seen the new Pantone color choice for 2011. Yes, everyone is it Hot Pink; I even heard it called watermelon Pink. The  Pantone color if Honeysuckle #18-2120. 

Do you love it? They say, “Turquoise of 2010 served as a dreamy escape for many but Honeysuckle empowers us to face everyday troubles with vigor and uplift our spirits to meet the challenges that have become part of everyday lives”. Really, wow I had no idea this reddish pink could do all that. Don’t get me wrong it is a beautiful color but, really?

Bold pink can be a great accent, but I hope it’s kept under control by those who decide to step out of the box with this fresh vibrant color.  By knowing that adjusting the shade of pink or the coordinating colors can make for a harmonious space or a disastrous one.

Check out Sherwin Williams Global Garden collection of beautiful colors to pair with pink.

What are your thoughts on this power house pink to set the tone for all things design in 2011?

Hope you all have a stylish and fabulous New Year!

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