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Here at Shaping Spaces Group, we love pieces that can go from traditional to contemporary with ease, just like this lamp!

Today on Fun Finds, I found this rectangular slate lamp from Crate and Barrel! It’s urban texture and sleek lamp shade offset each other to make one of the most interesting lamps that I have seen in a while. Because its mix of styles, it could be placed just about anywhere in any style room! Here at Shaping Spaces Group, we love pieces that can go from traditional to contemporary with ease, just like this lamp!

Below are some pictures of this versatile lamp in action!

Above is a more traditional space and the lamp looks wonderful!

Above are two contemporary spaces that the lamp seamlessly works itself it as well.


Will you be checking out this lamp at Crate and Barrel?


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Spruce up Your Front Porch with Shaping Spaces Group Knockout Tips!

Many people remodel or redesign the inside of their home, but forget the outside! The outside of a home is just as important as the inside because that’s the part of the house that you see first! First impressions are everything and one of the first things your guests will see is your front door. Spruce up your front porch with the Shaping Spaces Group!

Paint Your Door a Bright Color

No one will ever miss your house again with a bright color like this on your front door! Pick any bright color you like but speaks to the style of your home; yellow and turquoise are trendy and contemporary while red and navy are classic. You won’t need much paint for this, so it’s also an inexpensive way to make a big statement!

Pots, Plants, and Seating

Putting plants and outdoor accessories around your front door will make it feel warm and welcoming! These turquoise and blue pots pop against the white siding. Choose plants that will be green all year round; succulent plants are very low maintenance, but give so much curb appeal. Check out HomeGoods or TJMaxx for pretty outdoor pots and accessories. Go back every week because they always add new things! Get a similar look as the photo with this one, this one, or this one from Home Depot. I also found this cute gnome from Target.

If you have problems with bugs like mosquitoes or wasps, try planting some lemongrass or mint near where you gather outdoors. These plants will not only smell great, but fend off those pesky bugs too! Check out these plants to keep away wasps and these to keep away mosquitoes.

Statement Lighting

Make a statement with your lighting! Whether it be wall sconces or a hanging light, you can find many options without spending a fortune to update your front door area at Home Depot, Lowes, and even garage sales!

Another great alternative is to simply spray paint your current outdoor lights a pretty color like red or a bronze/silver metal color (it doesn’t have to match your door color like the picture). You can get all colors of spray paint at your local hardware store.

Door Accents

Instead of the traditional wreath, try a hanging basket or pot with some flowers in it. I love this look!

Outdoor Rug/Welcome Mat

Get yourself a nice outdoor rug or pretty mat to put in front of the front door. If you have a large porch with seating, get an outdoor rug for that area as well.

These colorful welcome mats are spray painted rubber! So creative!

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