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Are you still missing something on your walls? With Kirkland’s new stretched canvas prints you can transform your home into a gallery of art!

Kirkland’s has brought on some fabulous canvas art? Or properly called Giclée (pronounced gee-clay) the image is taken from an original oil painting preserving the rich color attainable only from oil.  Giclée is created by a sophisticated print-making process in which images are generated using high resolution scans from original oil paintings, and printed with patented quality inks.   The quality of the Giclée is the Rolls Royce of the industry as compared to lithographic prints commonly found in the market. It’s exciting to see beautiful affordable art that can be mixed in with – pieces to creat an overall luxury look.

Another cool note is the giclée has a UV protective sealer; however, as with all fine art and decorative home pieces, it should not be placed in direct sunlight for extended periods of time.

Using unframed canvas prints, gives a room a casual sophistication and they are so easy to hang especially with the new 3M command wall strips for damage free hanging. The Shaping Spaces Group love using those strips, makes picture hanging so easy.

When grouping prints try something new and unique other than the most common (two or three in a row). Try grouping different size prints together; by keeping the spacing between the prints uniform 3-5 inches apart depending on wall space makes the pictures or frames feel connected without having the same content but maybe the same color pallet.

The canvas prints can also be framed to jazz them up and feel even more luxurious. Your friends will have to get real close to know if it’s real oil or a print.

Have you used any of the canvas prints in your decor? If so please share your most successful grouping or what was your challenge?

Happy Decorating!

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