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Holiday time, Are You an Early Decorator or Late?

How soon is too soon to start decorating for the next holiday wave? 4th of July just flew the summer heat is in full swing but, has your mind already fast forwarded to the cooling fall nights and Halloween decor or how about thought of what this year’s Christmas theme will be.

Soon there will be gourds decorating every table and pumpkin flavored everything added to the menu (not that we’re complaining on the last part). But as seasonal decoration begins to creep up all over the place, we find ourselves asking the same question we always do – isn’t it a little early? So my question is how soon is too soon?

I don’t want to come off as some kind of Scrooge – I love holidays, and decorating for them (in moderation, please) can add to the festive atmosphere. But doesn’t the onslaught of early Halloween (or Thanksgiving, or Christmas) decor sort of numb one to the joy of the holiday once it actually arrives? And out of curiosity, how many pumpkins do you have to go through to have one fresh for Halloween if you start putting them out now?

I would like to say 2-4 weeks in advance of any holiday is ok. I mean I know for some they just love a particular Holiday and want to put up Halloween right after Easter..lol What my pet peeve is, those houses that keep their Christmas lights up all year. They become this sad dirty string of pitifulness (it that a word?). Come on people take them down.

For Halloween starting the month of is okay- around the first of October I’ll get my Halloween stuff out. For Christmas I start right after thanksgiving and take everything soon after New Year’s.

I love decorating for holidays though- I’m a bit of a Christmas fanatic, I consider right after Thanksgiving to new years “Christmas time” and decorations are one of my favorite parts of the holidays so it doesn’t ruin the actual day for me!

What are your thoughts on decorating for the holidays? If your mind has zoomed ahead, check out these great fall items you can use this year from Kirkland’s as well as some neat centerpiece ideas from Martha Stewart…No pressure

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