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Make your house look haunted with Shaping Spaces Group!

Halloween is one of the most fun holidays because you can dress up as anyone you want! My go-to is a witch because it’s so easy, but I have dressed up as many things. Last year I was Disney Princess, Sleeping Beauty and it was awesome! And Halloween time is also a great reason to watch super scary movies and eat candy! Who doesn’t like that?

Home decor is my jam, as is DIY, so you know that I am all about decorating for everything! I found some great DIY Halloween decor ideas and complied them here for your enjoyment! Make your house look haunted with Shaping Spaces Group!

Take your empty wine bottles and stick some pillar candles in them. Burn the candles and let the wax drip down the bottles! It’s almost instant spookiness! Just add some fake spiderwebs around your home and you’re done with this simple decor idea!

Make “bloody” candles! Create these candles by dripping a red candle wax over white candles. I’m not sure how it would look on top of candles of other colors, but you can experiment! Maybe orange or black could be cool if the red shows up on them. Make sure to do it over a paper plate or newspaper because the wax will get all over the place (as you can see in the above picture). I did this last year and it turned out so awesome!

I used candles from Dollar Tree, so it was also inexpensive and if you take care of them while storing, you can use them over and over again for many years!

This last candle option (I just love candles!) uses flameless candles (these are tealights and you can get 2 for $1 at Dollar Tree!!). Upcycle paper towel and toilet paper rolls to create this pillar candle effect. Use hot glue to secure everything and make the wax drips. Better instructions here.

Attach a severed finger to your doorbell! Use those removable adhesive circles, so it’s easy to take off after Halloween is over. I’m SO doing this!

Put spooky decor in apothecary jars or cloches. There are so many examples of this on Pinterest, so check those out and get inspired! You can even use decor from the Dollar Store to keep it low budget!

Spray paint some plastic cauldrons with Rustoleum stone spray paint. They look much more real after a coat of that! Now you can start brewing some witches brew!

Get branches from one of your trees or off the ground at the park and stick them in a large vase. You could even spray paint the branches black for a more sinister feel. Hang spider webs or birds in them too!

Take any decorative bones and arrange them around a flameless candle inside of a luminary. Super creepy and effective!

Guess what? That’s cauliflower in a jar of water and soy sauce! It looks so brain-like! I think I will do this for Halloween this year.

This is another awesome idea. Spray paint a branch wreath black and glue black plastic snakes to it! It’s perfect for Halloween! You could also do a green version of this.

If you are having guests over for Halloween festivities, take some stress off of yourself and make this super easy punch! It’s supposed to look like human guts! Use a hand or brain ice mold to keep this drink cold for hours.

There will be so much candy eating, why not eat something healthier with this recipe!

What are you dressing up as? What do you do if you don’t celebrate Halloween? Let us know below!


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