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The Consumers Guide to Real Estate Staging (R.E.S.A)

I’d like to introduce you to the Real Estate Staging Association or RESA web site, which offers free information and tools to help home owners and realtors find a qualified Home Staging Professional to help prepare and showcase their property for sale.  

You always want to make sure the Home Stager you hire is qualified, experienced and insured. You can find certified and professional Home Stagers in the RESA directory of stagers. Contact the one in your area and ask questions, ask for referrals as well as examples of their work showing a proven track record. 

In today’s market a well priced home is just half of the marketing challenge. The price will get buyers to your property but a well staged and presented home will get you the mulitple offers.  It has proven time and time again a professionally staged home presents and shows better than competing houses for sale. 

Check out www.realestatestagingassociation.com and feel confident about staging your home. 
The Shaping Spaces Group also apart of RESA is a Certified Home Staging and Interior Design company that has been providing design and staging services for over 10 years for Realtors, Home Owners and Builders.



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A quick fun way to add character to a room is with a glamorous lamp shade for your table or desk light.

Take your plain lamp shade a little fabric glue and hot glue to add these decorative touches, any or all of the following: (Ribbons, Artificial Flowers, Rhinestones, Stencils, Fabric Paint, Tassels, Buttons, Shells, Charms, and Beads)

– Line the top and or bottom rims of the lampshade with glue, then create a border with one of your decorative pieces. You could simply glue colored ribbon smoothly around the circumference of the lamp for a simple border, or you could create a border of tiny sea shells, rhinestones, or tassels for an elegant effect.

– Using stencils (the shapes of your choice like Polk a dots or vines), you can paint designs onto the shade. Tape on the stencil, use a sponge to apply the fabric paint over the stencil. Using a sponge will prevent dripping, and it also creates a textured look.

In less than a hour you can have a fabulous new shade to compliment any decor, best of all have fun creating your own unique piece. Make it a craft project for Halloween, stencil a few black cats for a spooky surprise.

Tanya Griffin
Live Green:Design Well

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Elements of a Well Staged Home


There are 4 elements that give any room a sense of style. Sometimes it seems as if what constitutes good design is purely subjective, but there are core principles of all good interior design and Home Staging that are timeless.

As a Home Stager I keep 4 basic design principles in mind when designing or re-designing a sellers space to optimize the homes potential and help buyers see a rooms potential.

1st every room must have Balance. Balance means using furniture and other objects to make each part of an arrangement roughly equal in visual weight so that one area complements the other. Balance can be symmetrical or asymmetrical.

2nd there needs to be Harmony. Harmony in a room occurs when all parts of a room combine to create a pleasing whole from the furniture, accessories and wall color. One way to achieve harmony is through repetition in color, texture or shape. Example: a red chair might be echoed by red in the draperies or red sofa pillows. Repetition does not necessarily mean duplication and repetition does not have to happen in every part of the room, then that can become boring or predictable.

3rd is Emphasis. Every well dressed room needs a focal point – a fireplace, a view or a powerful painting. A large space may need or have several points of emphasis. Without a focal point, there’s no place for the eye to rest and the interior seems uninteresting. In home staging no focal point or emphasis can also mean to connection to the buyer.

4th the Functionality of a space. “form follows function” should be the golden rule. A room where kids will play and families will gather needs durable fabrics, open layout with areas for conversation. As we tell our home sellers (everything in a given space should be appropriate to and support that experience of what will take place there) If it does not work remove it so there is no confusion as to the function of the space.


The Shaping Spaces Group

Home Staging-Design-Eco Consulting (323) 864.5433

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5 Simple things you can do to spruce up your home before putting it on the market. Potential Buyers will notice and want to buy.

Buyers don’t care if it’s a Rental, Foreclosure or Short Sale. Buyers want to see a well maintained home. There is too much inventory to leave room for negotiations. A little elbow grease means more $$ to all involved.

1. Remove odors caused by pets, smoking, baby diapers, etc….

2. Depersonalize, remember the goal it to sell! Let the buyer imagine their family in the home, not focus on your families stuff.

3. Neutralize paint colors, make them representative of the neighborhood (example: bold colors for historical homes, neutral tones for conservative buyers) Leave the color splashes to accessories
4. Spruce up bathrooms and kitchens with new cabinet hardware, remove all counter clutter. (remember, these rooms sell homes)
5. Show ample space in closets and rooms. If you have custom closets show them off. Remove all clutter even color coordinate, impress your buyer.

Don’t forget about Curb appeal. In order to get buyers inside they have to like the outside. Remove dust and dirt from around front door, add new plants up walkway or maybe planted urns besides the front door. People Buy with Emotion: Make That Connection!
Selling is an overwhelming process, The Shaping Spaces Group can make this an easy transition by alleviating the home preparation process. Consultations and Turn Key services available.
The Shaping Spaces Group
Home Staging-Design-Eco Consulting
(323) 864.5433

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