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 Interior Decorating Workshop

Presented By

Shaping Spaces Group

Your home should be an expression of your lifestyle. It is a place of comfort and     safe keeping.  Learn to decorate like a Pro, with a little design advice from professional designer, Tanya Griffin, you can shape your space so it’s comfortable, inviting and functions properly with a whole lot of Wow.

We offer an array of informative, interactive decorating workshops for those who need a little design direction. What do I buy? Where do I start? What colors to choose?  What’s my design style?  Learn basic decorating principles, such as choosing the right color schemes, lighting, composition, and space planning.

Find out how to look at a room, develop a plan, stay within your budget and get the results you desire.  Then apply this knowledge with confidence to help pull your design together.

Our monthly workshops will help you gain vital insight, save time and money, eliminate the frustrations that always come with home decorating projects.  Our workshops will help you to shape your space into a beautiful, functional home you will feel proud of.

Room Makeover Workshop (3 hrs) – $199 (Location: Torrance Office)

    • The Art of Accessorizing
    • Learn Tricks of The Trade
    • Picture Hanging
    • Space Planning, Proper Area Rug Size
    • Create Your Own Material Board for a Room in Your Home
    • Snacks and Beverages
    • $25 Gift Card to Home Goods to help start your project

Learn Specialty Faux Painting Techniques – $299

  • This class will be held offsite at the showroom of one of our specialty paint vendors in Los Angeles
  • Learn how to select the right color for your home
  • Hands on Specialty Paint Workshop (each class is different) Rag Paint, Venetian Plaster etc.
  • All supplies needed that day will be provided
  • Snacks and Beverages
  • Paint coupon to help start your project

Faux Painting Class by Shaping Spaces Group


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Is your bedroom lacking pizzazz?  Are you feeling board?  A few changes can always fix that.  Here are some affordable bedroom makeover tips that will uplift and shake up your bedroom for little to nothing.

  1. Organize everything!  Sometimes putting everything in its place is just what a room needs to feel alive again.  Organizing can do wonders and after this step, you may not even feel like you need to do anything else!  When things are cluttered it makes your life feel cluttered too.  It can also make you feel restless and uneasy in your room that is supposed to be for relaxing.  Go through your things and throw away anything you can.  This will make it easier later when you organize the rest.  Then pick out what you want to keep out and what you want stored away.  The things you keep out should be pictures, sentimental items, and other things that you like.  The things you store can be anything you don’t want to see all the time or anything you don’t have room for.  Remember, organizing will cost you little to no money!


  1. The main focus of your bedroom is your bed, so switching your sheets, bed spread, or duvet covers to something new and bright would bring a whole new life to your room.  However, you don’t have to always use bright colors to make a statement.  Having stripes or a wild pattern in muted tones would be just as bold.  Another inexpensive way to spruce up your bedroom is to get a few throw pillows that are of bold patterns and prints.  Drapes are another wonderful and inexpensive way to bring color into your room.  This is an area, instead of your bed, where you can bring in a unique pattern.  Ceiling to floor window treatments will also help the room feel taller!
  2. Paint can do wonders when you want a big transformation in your bedroom.  Paint is the ultimate way to set the mood for your room.  If you want your bedroom to be relaxing, a cool blue like (Dunn Edwards #DE5743 Silver Spruce) or (Benjamin Moore #AF-415 Grasshopper) soft green would do the trick.  If you want your room to feel cozy and warm, a mid-tone chocolate or rust will be the right touch to make your bedroom inviting.  You don’t have to go all out with the paint, though.  Another way to have a pop in your room is to paint just an accent wall a different color than the others.  This way if you want a really outrageous color, you won’t overwhelm the room with it.  Ideally your wall of color should be a focal wall for example the wall your bed is on or a wall with a large picture window.  One gallon of paint is usually around $30!
  3. Other ways to create a feeling of a new room is to add embellishments to things that you already own.  Add some beaded fringe to lamp shades or change out your old drawer pulls with new ones that are glass or in a bright color.  These would only be a few dollars each.  Switching your lamp shades for new ones is another great way to add some spice into your space and incorporate.  Remember to be creative with your changes and do something that you love!


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Do you love the new color trend direction????

I just have to ask if you have seen the new Pantone color choice for 2011. Yes, everyone is it Hot Pink; I even heard it called watermelon Pink. The  Pantone color if Honeysuckle #18-2120. 

Do you love it? They say, “Turquoise of 2010 served as a dreamy escape for many but Honeysuckle empowers us to face everyday troubles with vigor and uplift our spirits to meet the challenges that have become part of everyday lives”. Really, wow I had no idea this reddish pink could do all that. Don’t get me wrong it is a beautiful color but, really?

Bold pink can be a great accent, but I hope it’s kept under control by those who decide to step out of the box with this fresh vibrant color.  By knowing that adjusting the shade of pink or the coordinating colors can make for a harmonious space or a disastrous one.

Check out Sherwin Williams Global Garden collection of beautiful colors to pair with pink.

What are your thoughts on this power house pink to set the tone for all things design in 2011?

Hope you all have a stylish and fabulous New Year!

Tanya Griffin | Shaping Spaces Group

Interior Design & Home Staging | 323.864.5433

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2010 Paint color ideas.

The talk around town is always, What color to paint? Many have made that their new year’s resolution to get some paint on the walls or to change the paint on the walls..The year is half way over and not a clue what color to paint. You hear about so many colors, brown and tan, gray is the new tan (really? yes really) aqua, cool blue, slate blue and at the end of the day all this paint is giving you the blues…

With the help of Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, and Behr to name a few. Finding the right paint is becoming much easier. As long as you don’t pick your final paint color under those (sure to screw you up florescent lights of the store) hahaha.

Here are a few great color picks for Spring 2010 or any season for that matter. Some of these colors I see sticking around for a while so don’t worry about painting some strange trendy color that will be out by the fall. Then again if it does, buy more paint no big deal…You don’t want to know how many times I’ve painted over my living room when the mood hits and a cool new toss pillow finds its way into my house…

Slate blue or Charlotte  Slate: This color is trending upward because many think it’s the color of technology. It was once a common color for exterior walls and computer shells but it has made its way into the home proudly. Slate is a bold and competent choice for dens and reading rooms.
#2121-20 Steel Wool: A Benjamin Moore color that is crisp and clean but not cold. It works in any room to give a fresh upscale look. A new take on neutrals. (I saw a few great gray bathrooms in the community challenge)

Aqua or Turquoise: This has ranked most popular for 2010. It’s the exact folor between green and blue and finding its way into kitchens, fireplace walls and sun rooms across the country. This color is more than a seasonal change of pillows. It breathes new life into a room

#154 Mango Punch: The fun Benjamin Moore color is popular for an accent in kids rooms or the family game room. It’s orangey, but easy on the eye to look at.

Sycamore Tree: This is a great green from Pottery Barns color palette of Benjamin Moore paint. Very earthy and rich. 

Did you know Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware have paint decks. So when you are looking through the catalog and see a great color, ask the store for the paint color. They have their own little paint book to give out.

If you’re looking for a great yellow try Pottery Barns Sunny Days or York Harbor Yellow.  

Hope this gives you a little inspiration for your next paint project. I could go on for days about color choices. I didn’t get into the silvers, black, and violets for the year.

Happy Designing.

Tanya Griffin

Shaping Spaces Group – Interior Design & Home Staging

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Interior Designer and Home Stager Tanya Griffin of the Shaping Spaces Group will be at the following Kirkland’s locations to give One on One tips and advice for Staging your home to live or sale this spring.

April 17th from 3-6pm: Vemola Marketplace  6333 Pat’s Ranch Rd in Mira Loma, Ca

April 18th from 1-4: Pavillion at La Quinta 79-070 Highway 111 La Quinta, Ca

Tanya has been designing and staging interiors throughout Los Angeles and Palm Springs for over 13 yrs. Come with questions and your photos for expert advice.

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Do you wish your home would look the same as those magazines? Do you wonder how the colors that you see and the choices of fabrics and furnishings would look in your home together? You want that luxury look so bad that you find yourself driving to Home Depot or Lowes looking at different paint swatches, taking sample after sample home but afraid to paint. So why do you still have your walls in the builder’s white paint it came with years ago? The answer is simple; you do not know where to begin and you don’t trust your inner voice.

For most who do not have the extra money to buy new furnishings, and all new accessories, here are some basic tips in achieving a Designer look that fits you:

1. COLOR – Painting is the cheapest improvement to update your home, it is also the easiest to reverse. Depending on your taste you would want to start by trying on different hues of paint. Try to use a neutral palette if you are not too sure of what color you want. It is the safest choice. Neutral colors do not have to be boring. You can use different shades of browns, ranging from light taupe to dark caramel or chocolate brown. When painting and you want to use a two-tone effect commonly used by designers, make sure that the colors complement each other. Consider also your current furnishings, are they going to blend well with the color of the fabric on your sofa or dining chairs?

2. FURNITURE PLACEMENT: People are often challenged with arranging their furniture ending up putting sofas against the walls. Although there may be times that this is the best choice, consider placing them flanking or facing the focal point of the room. Put sofas and chairs in a conversational way. A good rule of thumb to have a minimum of 18 inches clearance between sofas and coffee table to allow for knees not to bump into the table yet close enough to be able for a seated person to reach for the items on it.

– Bedroom furniture placement can be another point of some confusion. Make sure your head board is on the focal point wall. If you have a square room, it is easy to do…but if you have an irregular room, look for the window and door placement. Let those be your guide, you always want a good comfortable flow through a room.

3. WINDOW COVERINGS: Hang curtains over your window blinds.  Hanging curtains, whether you have any window blinds or not help in addressing privacy, as well as soften the look of the rooms you’re decorating. Match the colors of your furnishings and wall paint or make sure they complement each other. Use texture if you are designing in neutrals, so that the room will look more interesting.
– lower ceilings, to give the illusion of height, hang curtains from ceiling to floor.

– Small window, you can give a sense that the window is bigger by hanging the curtains wider than it should, layering curtains with sheer panel underneath can help in achieving this illusion.
4. ACCESSORIZE: Now the fun part, accessorizing. (Kirkland’s is awesome for finding great deals on amazing items)Put framed art on the wall; make sure that they are at eye level. Do not put a small frame in the middle of a very huge wall. It will look awkward. Make sure to have a unifying theme for the room you are decorating, for example, if you would like to decorate in an Asian theme, this should repeat in the accessories you would use in the entire room. From the throw pillows, flower vases, lamps, etc.
– Do not be afraid to use varying texture to achieve that designer look. Mix things that sparkle with textured items. This puts more dimensions to your design.

Hope these few tips help get your creative juices flowing. Good Luck,

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2009 is all bout embracing earth-inspired tones and elements. “Lots of colors are personally pleasing, like jeweled tones and dark chocolate brown walls,” but these strong colors might not be for everyone, It can be a real barrier to sales.Repaint the dark and dramatic walls in neutrals, muted earth tones, sandy taupes, grassy and yellow greens, light aqua is even hot this year…. A small kitchen can benefit from soft tones to make it feel larger, then use the bold colors as your accents to spark excitement.It’s all about capturing the buyers eye, and right now people are on edge and needing to feel more grounded, be more resourceful and Eco friendly. The new earth tones inspire that relaxed zen feeling.Check out Sherwin Willimas new color palettes for 2009 Lifestyle collection…
Remember chose paints that contains less solvents and zero-VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) so what is emitted into the air is more environmentally friendly

Happy Staging & Design
The Shaping Spaces Group


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