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Here at Shaping Spaces Group, we love pieces that can go from traditional to contemporary with ease, just like this lamp!

Today on Fun Finds, I found this rectangular slate lamp from Crate and Barrel! It’s urban texture and sleek lamp shade offset each other to make one of the most interesting lamps that I have seen in a while. Because its mix of styles, it could be placed just about anywhere in any style room! Here at Shaping Spaces Group, we love pieces that can go from traditional to contemporary with ease, just like this lamp!

Below are some pictures of this versatile lamp in action!

Above is a more traditional space and the lamp looks wonderful!

Above are two contemporary spaces that the lamp seamlessly works itself it as well.


Will you be checking out this lamp at Crate and Barrel?


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A quick fun way to add character to a room is with a glamorous lamp shade for your table or desk light.

Take your plain lamp shade a little fabric glue and hot glue to add these decorative touches, any or all of the following: (Ribbons, Artificial Flowers, Rhinestones, Stencils, Fabric Paint, Tassels, Buttons, Shells, Charms, and Beads)

– Line the top and or bottom rims of the lampshade with glue, then create a border with one of your decorative pieces. You could simply glue colored ribbon smoothly around the circumference of the lamp for a simple border, or you could create a border of tiny sea shells, rhinestones, or tassels for an elegant effect.

– Using stencils (the shapes of your choice like Polk a dots or vines), you can paint designs onto the shade. Tape on the stencil, use a sponge to apply the fabric paint over the stencil. Using a sponge will prevent dripping, and it also creates a textured look.

In less than a hour you can have a fabulous new shade to compliment any decor, best of all have fun creating your own unique piece. Make it a craft project for Halloween, stencil a few black cats for a spooky surprise.

Tanya Griffin
Live Green:Design Well

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Often times improper lighting in a room can make or break a great design. If the room has no ceiling lights, try to have table lamps as well as floor lamps for up lighting. Most floor lamps come with dimmer switches to adjust light levels. Depending on your room and functions here are a few tips to look for when lighting a space.

1. Add separate controls and dimmer switches to your lighting so you can easily adjust the light intensity. Lamps Plus has a great selections.

2. Brightening a room’s edges will make the room appear instantly bigger and brighter. Recessed lights near the corners of the room, torchieres/sconces pointed towards the ceiling, and track lighting with wall washers will fill in those dark corners with light.

3. Highlight wall features such a paintings and fireplace mantels with spotlights, track lights or even sconces. You’ll be surprised how much more spacious a room will become if extra light is applied to darker decorative pieces.

4. Don’t forget about candlelight which is a great way to add a whole new “layer”. It flickers and dances across the faces of your guests and loved ones in a flattering, cozy way.

Happy Designing, Live Green:Design Well

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